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HAGAKURE - The Way of the Samurai

"An avaricious man oversteps the pale of morality; but as his evil lies on the surface, the harm he does to society is visible and shallow. 
A hypocrite who is covetous of a good name, on the contrary, acts secretly under the mask of virtue; the injury [s]he gives to the cause of justice is therefore hidden and deep-rooted." 

(Hong Zicheng: Caigentan)
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Or, if you're in the mood for some tough Samurai wisdom ...

"The Way of the Samurai lies in dying." (not: in death)

HAGAKURE in the foremost translation of Professor Takao Mukoh. 
It became famous through the Jim Jarmusch movie "Ghost Dog" where it is heavily quoted. 
Reprint with permission of Hokuseido Press.

Yamamoto Tsunetomo: Hagakure. The Way of the Samurai.
Translated and edited by Takao Mukoh.
182 pages. Paperback. 20 USD. ISBN: 3-8311-1530-3.


(please note: the ebook-version is NOT ours, we only recommend our paperback)

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